Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Holy Crapola! :D

All I can say is... I friggin' love this movie. Even before it was released again.
Ya'll should see it!
You never realize how good Disney movies really are until you watch them again when you're older and can fully understand them. When I watch them now, I am constantly looking at the art and animation of it, trying to figure out how they made it look so beautiful and how I can tie it in to my work. 
I just love Disney.
And I think the next film they should re-release in 3D is Beauty and The Beast!

Anyway, finally had some luck with layout class work. It was brutal, I just couldn't get it! But finally some success, even if it is horribly drawn. :s

I do love the step in there though, and I kinda wish I had one in my room. :P

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