Thursday, January 10, 2013

Winter Semester 2013

Happy New Year!!
I still cannot get over the fact that it is 2013. To say it, feels odd, but still, it is pretty exciting.
I flew into Toronto yesterday morning, and as soon as the cab dropped me at my house, it was off to life drawing, and needless to say I was not prepared to simply jump back into the routine.
I still have yet to unpack and buy myself some groceries, but school is kicking off with a bang.
This semester is supposed to be the most difficult of my four years here, and I plan on staying as on top of it as I can while maintaining some manner of a sleep schedule and being active (so happy I brought my skates with me).
I will be getting my Cintiq next week, and will hopefully be putting out more work and better school projects.
A new blog design is on it's way so stay tuned!

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