Monday, November 28, 2011

Is it Christmas yet?

Holy crap! Things are getting hectic! But it is going by so fast, and I think that is part of the reason. I do have two weeks to do most things, but they involve plenty of handwork and time management. I will no longer be leaving my room unless I have to in order to live and go to classes. Just need to buckle down and get this stuff done!
First item on the to do list: Character expressions!
These were really difficult for me. I like character, but I find I am much stronger at layout and perspective work. I struggled with this, but I am comfy with the results. I wanted to push myself to try and animal character and it has worked! I am proud to say I could do it, and decently, and I am probably going to return to this character at some point. :P
Here he is.
This is Skeet. He is a Spynx cat. The breed is Canadian and hairless! Whoo!

Only 17 days until I am home again! The hard work is worth it!

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